Kharadi Cremation, Pune

Kharadi Cremation, Pune

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Kharadi Crematorium, Pune

That is the end of an arduous journey. Someone you adore has passed away. We know it might not be easy to let go of their presence. Kaashimukti provides a respectful funeral service in Pune to relieve the responsibility of planning your funeral.
Pune’s Kharadi Smashan Bhumi offers a serene environment for mindfulness and worship. It is impossible to fathom the holiness of a crematorium’s grounds, where our loved one rests permanently. At such moments, you need to experience the stillness of peacefulness and peace of mind with pain.
We support you during loss and before and after the Kaashimukti cremation procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What services are offered at the crematorium in Kharadi?

    The Kharadi Crematory Site offers full support for all funeral service needs. We provide cremation, transportation, and paperwork clearance to meet demands for priests, antim samskar samagri, and freezer boxes.

  • How can I get in touch with Kharadi Crematorium?

    You may reach Kharadi Crematory by calling 9845819660. At Kharadi Crematory, you may make inquiries and reservations for any service needed to conduct a cremation.

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