Green Funeral Services

Green Funeral Services

Our group is aware that the funeral rites involve private, intimate rituals. Making decisions based on one’s culture and norms allows one to proceed with every step. In addition to offering everyone individualised services, KaashiMukthi also provides cremation and also other funeral services that are environmentally sustainable. We assist you in saying your final goodbyes to your loved ones while maintaining a clean and safe environment.
Hinduism uses firewood in the cremation process, and data show that 4 lakh trees’ worth of wood are consumed each city for a traditional wood cremation ceremony. Also, it makes the environment’s air pollution worse. These considerations led KaashiMukthi to present two options: electrical cremation and cow dung logs.

KaashiMukthi Eco Friendly Cremation Services

1. Green Funeral Services – Cow Dung Logs

We at KaashiMukthi encourage using cow dung logs during funeral rites. This lets people breathe in cleaner, fresher air while simultaneously preventing deforestation and protecting the ecosystem. We offer inexpensive cow dung logs that are perfect for cremation procedures.
Our staff of experts continually strives to offer you green memorial services while keeping your traditions and rites in mind. Hindu religion regards the cow as a sacred animal, hence switching to logs made of cow dung for cremation is regarded as religious.

2. Green Funeral Services – Electrical Cremation.

Electric cremation may be an economical and environmentally friendly choice if you’re looking for a cremation method. Electrical cremation makes use of furnaces, giving the family the added benefit of being able to collect the ash in a matter of hours. Compared to the conventional wood pyre, it is much more cost-effective and reduces the production of hazardous gases.
Due of the decreased risk of a virus spreading from a sick cadaver, cremation is becoming more and more popular.
Even in the tribute to life and the final passage of your loved ones, we think it’s important to promote greener alternatives. We only have one planet, so we must all work to preserve it. By establishing a green legacy in the name of the departed and providing a model for future generations, our sustainable funeral services assist you. With the highest calibre green cremation services, our staff guarantees direction and help. KaashiMukthi handles end-to-end services and offers support around-the-clock.

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