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The well-wishers of the deceased wish to ensure complete peace and goodness after death. To ensure this, our traditions and cultures are created to achieve a befitting farewell through the path of devotion and spirituality. Cremation services, Burial and funeral services are some of the milestones towards sending our loved one through the journey of the afterlife. Relatives and friends of the deceased find ways to arrange for the most well-arranged way of imparting tribute to their beloved.
Beriwala Ground offers convenient options for cremation filled with care and compassion that help the family be a part of the process. The staff at Beriwala Ground is dedicated and expert in the field to assist the family and friends stay strong through this difficult process of departing goodbye.
Finding the right place to carry forward these events is necessary along with other arrangements like the well-knowledgable priest, pooja items, obituary and event management. Isn’t it convenient if you find all these facilities at a single destination? Book your slot at Beriwala Ground in Delhi, with no hassles with the proper support and assistance from Kaashimukthi.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to complete the cremation services in Beriwala Ground?

    The cremation process in Beriwala Ground usually takes around 2-3 hours. However, confusion in preparation could further add to your waiting time. It is therefore best to consult Kaashimukthi for Cremation Services in Beriwala Ground.

  • Is it necessary to embalm the body before cremation in Beriwala Ground?

    No, embalming is not necessary before cremation in Beriwala Ground. However, if the body is being transported from one place to another, it may be required to embalm it.

  • Can family members witness the cremation process in Beriwala Ground?

    Family members can witness the cremation process in Beriwala Ground.

  • What are the charges for cremation services in Beriwala Ground?

    The charges for cremation services in Beriwala Ground may vary depending on the facility and services chosen. It is advisable to check with Kaashimukthi to discuss your requirements and know about your exact charges.

  • What happens to the ashes after the cremation process in Beriwala Ground?

    The ashes are usually collected in an urn and given to the family members. They can choose to scatter the ashes or keep them in a designated place like a cemetery.

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