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The loss of a loved one is a fragile and terrible event. The people close to you experience great sorrow on both a personal and professional level. Handling your loved one’s final remains becomes extremely important in such a delicate situation.
One cremation facility in Chandigarh that provides both conventional wooden pyre and electric cremation as services is the Cremation Place Crematory. This cremation is most known for completing Hindu funeral rites known as Antyesti, and it delicately tends to the needs of several grieving families. Funeral rites for a beloved one who has died unexpectedly can be performed in a peaceful environment at the Shmashana. It doesn’t get any more satisfying than this, therefore if you live nearby, you should choose the Banashankari Crematory with its technology and traditional procedures.
Having a proper cremation service is equivalent to performing an act of god; Kaashimukthis’ top priority has been and will continue to be fostering an atmosphere in which friends and family feel at ease with one another as well as providing peace to you and the deceased’s soul. No matter what, a once-in-a-lifetime chance to pay our final respects to someone we love shouldn’t ever be wasted. Kashimukti doesn’t compromise when it concerns offering you with the greatest cremation services possible for your departed loved ones. You can find, arrange, plan, and conduct your loved one’s Kaashimukthi Crematorium Service at Cremation Place Crematory with the aid of our knowledgeable funeral coordinators. We carry out all the rituals, prepare all the raw materials, and frequently inspect the cremation grounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What services does Chandigarh 's Cremation Place Crematorium provide?

    One of the city's most advanced and well-equipped crematoriums is Cremation Place . Depending on the service chosen and other considerations, electric cremation at Cremation Place Crematory varies in price. For complete cremation and cremation services at Cremation Place Crematory, please get in touch with Kashimukti. Modern electric cremation furnaces that are built to eliminate pollutants and provide a clean and efficient cremation procedure are available at the Cremation Place Crematory.

    For the comfort of the grieving family members, the pavilion is also furnished with contemporary conveniences including waiting areas, restrooms, and dressing rooms. A team of qualified employees at the Cremation Place Crematory is also there to help and support the family members as they go through the cremation process. The staff makes sure that everything is done with dignity and delicacy and does so with compassion and respect.

  • What kind of primary fuel source is used to generate heat at the Cremation Place Crematory, and how long will it take to embalm a body there?

    Many elements, including the size of both the corpse, the type of cremation apparatus utilised, and the temperature at which the incineration is performed, might affect how long it takes to embalm a body at Cremation Place Crematory.

    Cremation typically takes between one and three hours to accomplish. The body is placed in a special chamber and heated to temperatures between 1400 and 1800 degree Fahrenheit (760 and 982 degrees Celsius), which triggers the body to disintegrate into bone fragments and ash. Often, propane or natural gas are used to produce the heat. The majority of contemporary cremation chambers are built with walls and ceilings made of fire-resistant bricks.

    However, most contemporary cremation facilities, like Cremation Place Crematory, use natural gas or propane as their main fuel sources. The fuel used in cremation might vary. Coal or wood may still be used as fuel in some older buildings. The fuel is utilised to sustain the high temperatures required for cremation by heating the cremation chamber. Some people who desire to regard cremation as a "environmentally-friendly" option to burial are troubled by the fact that the majority of cremators use naturally or L.P. gas, or in some instances diesel oil. There are other options, like interment at a cemetery that adheres to strict environmental standards.

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