Asthi Visarjan Services

Asthi Visarjan Services

Asthi Visarjan is considered to be among the most significant death rites in Hindu religion. This rite involves submerging the last of the lost one’s ashes and bones in holy waters. Hindu texts explain the significance of this rite as releasing the spirit from slavery and assisting it in achieving freedom through the holy water dissolution of the deceased’s ashes.
By assisting you in picking the right Pandit, procuring the appropriate Samagri, and making arrangements for Puja while keeping your preferences and desires in mind, our staff will help you perform the Asthi Visarjan ceremony at the Holy Water.

Places for Asthi Visarjan Services in India

Kaashimukthi Asthi Visarjan Services

1. Transportation to the place of Asthi Visarjan.

Our company is aware of the severe sorrow the grieving family is through. As a result, Kaashimukthi offers you Asthi Visarjan Services as well as all the funeral necessities. From your present location to the area you’ve chosen for the ashes immersion, we provide cosy transportation for the complete family.

2. Experienced Pandit.

The Hindu burial customs place a great deal of emphasis on the Asthi Visarjan ceremonies. They represent the last farewell towards the lost one. To ensure the deceased soul’s liberation and serenity, Kaashimukthi supplies you with incredibly knowledgeable Pandits who perform ceremonies, pujas, and havans according to your caste. They also assist the family in praying, resting, and healing.

3. Puja Preparations and Samagri.

Asthi Visarjan is indeed a religious and spiritual rite that calls for numerous holy and auspicious samagri articles to ensure the deceased departs in peace. To guarantee that your ceremony goes off without a hitch, Kaashimukthi makes sure that the essential samagri arrives to you on schedule and in good condition.

4. Ash Cremation Urn or Pot.

The soul that is present in the cremation urn or pot has a significant role to play in the Asthi Visarjan ritual. For the family of the deceased, holding the remains in this pot until they are submerged has very particular value. You can choose from a large and beautiful selection of cremation urns and pots at Kaashimukthi.

5. Dashgatra Vidhi.

The Dashgatra Vidhi is held one day following the Asthi Visarjan rite, during which the deceased’s ancestors are commemorated and worshipped. Our team makes sure that the traditions and rituals are carried out easily and comfortably.

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