Funeral Prayer Hall

We take care of the arrangements of all the prerequisites of the final rites or the Antim Sanskar Samagri, as you indulge your deepest self in the parting goodbye! Explore through our offering!

Funeral Prayer Hall

A venue to commemorate the departed soul, to celebrate your bond and love! Book a hall with Kaashimukthi
The news of death and loss can be unimaginable and we often look around for ways to cope with the loss. It has been seen that holding faith and the path of praying can fetch you relief and solace and a way to send your loved one to a better place. With Kaashimukthi, indulge in the power of praying and reaching out to the Almighty to bestow you with blessings and relief to bear the pain of loss and a befitting journey after death for the person you lost.
Kaashimutkhi offers services across faiths and religious beliefs. We help you book venues at Community Halls, Temples, Church Halls, Mosques or any other venue where you feel the best to send your loved one off for a journey of bliss. The booking process, paperwork and event arrangement can be a troublesome tasks during tough times. Kaashimukthi is here to assist you throughout the process of planning and executing a Prayer for the loss.

Services of Funeral and Prayer, Tailor-made to your Needs

Different Faiths follow different traditions and rituals to impart goodbye to their loved ones. In Hinduism, Tehraveen or Chautha is observed. Other faiths like Christianity may see a Funeral Meet. Islam holds a Prayer Meet as well. Along with these religious differences in requirements, one may have some personal additions and customisations to these events. Kaashimutkhi helps you in assisting at every stage of these procedures.
Further arrangements before or after the burial/cremation are also of much importance. Related arrangements like venue decoration, flower arrangements, artists, singers and emcees, catering, accommodation and other paperwork are also some must-haves that come along with planning a gathering. Kaashimukthi even assists you through these steps as you can completely focus on the process of praying and mourning for the dead.

Chautha and Tehraveen Services

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Kaashimukthi helps you cope and recover through the tough times of the unbearable pain of loss with the deep knowledge and expertise of Priests, Spiritual Gurus, and other mentors or speakers. We help you create an environment of oneness by offering a wholesome prayer and departing message to the dead.
Kaashimukthi offers a wide range of services to assist you emotionally and through arrangements through the tough times of loss.

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