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Our first priority will be securing a slot at the cremation grounds by calling 9845819660. Once confirmed, we’ll handle all of the arrangements so you can focus on grieving. A caring member of our staff is available any time if you need someone to listen or help in any way.

Final Arrangements

We understand each situation is unique, so we’ll coordinate everything with your specific needs and wishes in mind. This includes making religious arrangements, filing necessary paperwork, and ensuring the dignified transportation of your loved one.

Last Rites

Most importantly, the cremation ceremony should focus entirely on remembering your loved one with dignity and respect. We’ll be close by you through all aspects of the assistance to give solace, answer questions, and guide you through every second. Our need is to respect their life and heritage while really focusing on you during this touchy period.

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Chamarajpet Wood Cremation Services, Bangalore.

The Hindu Brahmin Wood Crematory, also known as Chamarajppet Wood Crematorium, is one of the known cremation grounds to conduct your loved one’s last burial rites.
The whole ceremony will conduct spiritually and compassionately. It provides ample room for conventional open-air cremation. Apart from that Purohit services and samagri items services you can book according to your requirement.
Kaashimukthi respects and admires your feelings, and we endeavour to fulfil your directives Kaashimukthi will assist you in conveying your respected last goodbyes to your loved one. We help you in addressing all of your ritual/tradition queries. Our staff will always be available to aid you, offer direction, and finish your obligations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What services the Chamarajpet Crematorium will provide?

    Chamarajpet Wood Crematory, situated in Bangalore, offers cremation services for the departed. The following are the services given at the crematorium:

    Cremation Services: The crematorium offers cremation services for the dead, including using the cremation facility and treating the corpse.

    Prayer Hall: A prayer hall will offer families a farewell service or ritual before the cremation.

    Transport Services: The crematorium provides transport services for the dead from their home or hospital to the Crematory.

    Ash Storage: The facility also offers ash storage facilities for families who desire to store the ashes of their loved ones.

    Documentation Services: The crematorium personnel can assist families in completing all the essential documents needed for the cremation procedure.

    Online Booking: The crematorium offers online booking services to streamline the procedure for the family.

    Religious Rites: The institution provides religious rites and rituals depending on the family's religious beliefs and customs.

    Other Services: The crematorium offers extra services such as flower arrangements, music arrangements, and catering services upon request.

  • What is the cost of cremation services in Bangalore?

    The cost of cremation services in Bangalore depends on various factors, including the type of service chosen, the location of the crematorium, and any additional services required. The cost may vary between government-run crematoriums and private service providers. An average cost varies in the range of Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000.

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