Repatriation Services in India

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Repatriation Services in India

Repatriation services in India are a crucial aspect of international travel, providing much-needed support and assistance to individuals and families in the event of a loved one passing away overseas. Repatriation services are designed to help people navigate the often complex and challenging process of bringing a deceased person back to their home country, India for burial or cremation.
The repatriation services at Kaashimukthi typically include everything from providing advice and guidance on local laws and customs to coordinating transportation, arranging necessary documentation, and liaising with embassies and other relevant authorities. Kaashimukthi also assists with funeral arrangements, including transport of the deceased, caskets or urns, and any necessary permits or licenses.
The team at Kaashimukthi has a convenient reach across destinations around the world including the US, UK, Germany, Scotland, Singapore, Norway, New Zealand, Bangladesh, UAE, Australia, China, Netherlands, Malaysia, France etc., Our team is well-informed with all the legalities and customs specific to each region and takes all the necessary precautions in ensuring a smooth and worry-free experience in getting home your loved one for further farewell proceedings in India.
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