Dead Body Transportation Services in Patna

Dead Body Transportation Services in Patna

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What are the required documents and arrangements to avail of these services?

Dead Body Transportation Services by Air & Road in Patna

In life, there are times when we are presented with specific situations that are not at all pleasant and for which we have no chance to prepare. We began to work towards what was intended to happen next even before we could adequately respond to the event. A similar situation is losing a loved one. Additionally, if this occurs when you and your deceased loved one are both outside of their country of origin, it is even more difficult to imagine how to bring them back. Let Kaashimukthi take care of this concern about moving your loved one’s body. If you are in Patna, you can arrange for the body of a loved one to be transferred anywhere in India and beyond.
There are many different types of services under dead body transportation in Patna, depending on the specific needs of the family or the deceased. Some standard services include:

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We’ll be there for you to make the last moments you spend with a loved one special and unforgettable. We would never leave you to handle the issues by yourself due to our active services all across Patna.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the process for transporting a dead body in India?

    The process for transporting a dead body in India typically involves contacting a funeral service like Kaashimukthi to arrange for transportation. The team will then prepare the body for transportation and arrange for a vehicle to transport the body to the desired location.

  • Can a family member transport a dead body in India?

    Yes, a family member can transport a dead body in India. However, it is important to be aware of the regulations and requirements for doing so. In some cases, a permit or clearance from local authorities may be required. To ensure no violation of the law takes place, it is safer and more convenient to get in touch with Kaashimukthi for dead body transportation services in India.

  • What are the documents required for transporting a dead body in India?

    The documents required for transporting a dead body in India can vary depending on the location and specific circumstances. However, some common documents that may be required include a death certificate, a no-objection certificate (NOC) from local authorities, and a transport permit.

  • What are the costs associated with dead body transportation services in India?

    The costs associated with dead body transportation services in India can vary depending on the location, the distance of the transportation, and the specific services required. Get in touch with the team at Kaashimukthi for more information on the costs associated with dead body transportation.

  • How long does it take to transport a dead body in India?

    The time it takes to transport a dead body in India can vary depending on the distance and the specific services required. However, Kaashimukthi offers 24/7 services and can arrange for transportation promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of transport do you use for the transportation of the dead bodies in Patna?

    For the short transfer within the city we employ covered pickup vans, and the seats are well padded with mattresses. For transferring them to other places outside Patna for a longer duration, we make use of light commercial vehicles that can hold more than one person’s body without compromising on the privacy and hygiene aspect. All our vehicles are clean, well maintained with a mechanic, and the drivers undergo vigorous background checks.

  • What services do you offer in respect for dead body transportation in Patna?

    Our ambulances are the best and the staff we have are very courteous to transfer the deceased in a very decent way as may be allowed by the family of the deceased. This includes moving the deceased to the cremation or burial site, hospitals, airports and railway stations. Additionally, porterage, the provision of wooden coffins, and all the documentation relating to death certificates.

  • How quickly can you transport a dead body after being contacted?

    For dead body transportation in Patna city, depending on the traffic condition at the time, it may take 30 to 60 minutes for a vehicle to be dispatched. For long distance transportation out of the city, the response time may take 2 hours dependent on the distance. We always do our best to respond as fast as we can depending on traffic and roads conditions.

  • What documents are needed in order to transport a deceased person?

    Some vital documents include a death certificate that is issued by a registered medical practitioner, a burial or cremation permit from the local municipal corporation, and a police NOC in some instances. As part of dead body transportation services in Patna, we can help families in acquire such documents in Patna. You may require movement permission form from the health department to transport a body out of the state which we can assist with.

  • How do you make a booking for your dead body transportation services in Patna?

    You can either dial our toll-free number or Whatsapp your requirements such as the pick up point, drop location, time and date of the transfer etc. After the finalization of the quote, an advance payment can be made online through either UPI or in person. A vehicle will be dispatched at the agreed time and the body will be shifted by professional staff.

  • Is there any facility of dead body transportation in Patna on round the clock basis?

    Yes, it is possible to ask for an emergency transportation in Patna or in other nearby areas and we provide 24/7 services for that. The response team on call is 24/7. This means that we are always ready to communicate and we assure you that we will get to the pick-up location no matter the time of the day or night.

  • What precautions can be made to prevent the spread of diseases during the transportation?

    The bodies are encountered by the staff members who are fully trained and required to follow some protocols. They are, however, covered with a plastic sheet and buried in zinc coffins which are sealed to prevent leakage. The interiors of the vehicles are also frequently sanitized to avoid transfer of bacteria from one client to another. We also have masks, gloves as well as other protective gears for our team. For example, in the case of an epidemic, more measures are taken.

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