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Cremation Services

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Funeral services are one of the most essential requirements of friends and families, yet it is a requirement that occurs during the hardest times. The demise of a loved one is a time of grief which is often burdened with the hassles of making arrangements for the last rites and rituals.

Kaashimukthi funeral services provide you with end-to-end funeral arrangements and make sure that this period for you is as free of stress as possible. We are a team of professionals that are trained with empathy and care to make sure that all your needs are catered to.
Our services take care of everything, from bookings to transportation, freezer boxes and cremation services. We ensure that our services are very well aligned to exactly what you need and how you need them.
Every client is different and needs different services. Our goal is to make sure that we get all the information we need from you to ensure a smooth-flowing ceremony and ritual. We are here to pay our respects and care for you and yours.
With Kaashimukthi, you don’t have to worry about the hassles of ensuring that everything is going without a hitch, because that is what we are here for. Our costs and packages are perfectly curated for everyone out there. We provide flexible charges with top-notch services.
Our services are available 24/7 with a speedy on-ground team that will get things done fast and on time. The Kaashimukthi team is a team of empathetic professionals who understand the need for grieving as well as ritualistic compulsions. This is why we take into consideration both and are here to do our job while taking care of you as well.
During this tough time, you need someone who can understand you and yours. You need someone who will listen to the way you want things to be done and how they should be done. That is our mission.
Kaashimukthi is your one stop for all your funeral arrangement needs. Any day, any time, we are there. Our services are the best there is with the quality that you’re looking for. Contact us today for more information!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is cremation different from direct burial?

    Cremation is different from direct burial as during cremation, the body is burnt via a wood cremation or electric cremation process. On the other hand, in a direct burial process, the body is buried and not burnt. These two procedures differ from religion to religion and we provide these services according to the needs of the client.

  • How can I avail of cremation services?

    Kaashimukthi provides end-to-end cremation services for you and yours. We provide all the transportation services, the freezer box, etc. All you have to do is make the call and we are there with a team full of professionals who will get everything done for you during your tough times.

  • What kinds of cremation services can I avail?

    There are various kinds of cremations that you can avail of, these include; wood cremation, electric cremation and burial. We will arrange for the cremation service that you choose according to your needs. Our team gets everything set up for the same and you do not have to handle any of the hassles alone.

  • Do I have to look for a place for the cremation?

    No, you do not have to look for a place or venue for the cremation rites and rituals. We will make sure that we book the venue and ensure that the place is fit for your religious and personal needs. Provide our team with all the information from your end and we will ensure every single one of them. Get in touch with Kaashimukthi today for more information.

  • Are cremation service procedures doable online?

    Yes, Kaashimukthi cremation services are available online. You can now avoid all the hassles and hectic procedures during a time that is very difficult for you. All you have to do is reach out to us and tell us what you need, all from the comfort of your home, at your convenience.

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