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Kaashimukthi stays in par with the culture of compassion and sanctity. In every service delivered, the Kaashimukthi team ensures to blend in with the expectations and values close to the family and friends of the deceased while also maintaining professional and prompt service management.
During tough times of one’s demise, challenging circumstances are faced by the friends, relatives and close circle. There is a lot of emotional chaos, along with the responsibility of being there for each other and functioning as one – with a hope to bid a heartfelt farewell to the departed. Kaashimukthi helps you through these tough times with personalised services.

Culture at Kaashimukthi

We believe that everyone deserves to be sent with dignity and care, embarking their life events and memories made together!

Message from our Founder


They say some battles are to be fought alone. But no one ever knows how tough those battles can turn out to be.
The year 2020 tore my world apart, like countless people across the globe. Losing my father to Covid-19, during the lockdown left me helpless. Lockdown restrictions, fear, unavailability of resources for me and my family to handle this sudden bereavement just shattered us. The one last thing I could do as a son, which was to bid him a dignified farewell, seemed too impossible.
I still remember how I and my wife had to somehow arrange for his last rites amidst all the imposed restrictions. The funeral process was impaired with long queues, endless hours of waiting for cremation, no information on the documentation process – and all of this left me traumatized.
As I looked around, I resonated with the pain of many more like me, waiting to lay their loved ones to rest, regretting that they couldn’t even see them for one last time. With a lot of difficulties, we could get our time to bid my father goodbye. While I tried to bring myself back to my senses, it hit me hard that even today, there is such a wide gap in finding support around mortality. Little did I know that death was knocking at my door too, the very next moment.
I tested positive for Covid. Oxygen levels dropping, severe breathing complications, lung infection increasing led me to 4 hospitals, 14 specialists, and an ultimatum from the doctor for being alive for just 24-48 hours after a constant battle to claim my life for 62 days! My suffering didn’t stop, next, I developed a fungal infection in my nose that worsened my complications. While my family was trying to sort treatment delays, insurance issues, papers, formalities, I was being acquainted with the idea of my own death. One of the biggest hassles for my family was to arrange for funds for my treatment when my cashless insurance claim was rejected unfairly.
I cannot describe what I felt at that moment. The continuous stress, while I was fighting for life, made me see so many unseen challenges. I realized how it impacted my will to live. It was extremely overwhelming. The reality hit me hard, of how much I was due to take care of, for my own self, for my family. It was this sudden moment that made me find all the strength I had left in me. I prayed for more time to settle it all before I go. It was nothing less than miraculous that I survived- so said the doctors too.

After coming back home, I was not the same person. I remember how one day, I suddenly felt my sight going blurred, leading to a vision loss, adding more complications to my road to recovery. While I gained my sight back, this entire experience also gifted me with my life’s vision.

My purpose was redefined. My sense of being was redefined. I knew why I was still breathing.
To relieve anyone who is suffering, to assist the ones who are grieving, to be by their side and allow them to only be in that incomparable pain. I became comfortable with the idea of death, the idea of being prepared, any day- as a matter of fact so that when it’s time, I have it all sorted for my loved ones.
Kaashimukthi is a channel through which I am bringing my life’s purpose to help anyone who has ever needed it and has struggled to find the right support, resources, and faith. Through all of these experiences, empathy has been my biggest takeaway. I have never been able to resonate with fellow human suffering the way I do today. I intend to streamline things for anyone who is grieving so that all they have to do is be with their loved one’s memories when it’s all that they have.
From mental health support to legal advisory, I want to spread the right information around mortality so that no one is taken advantage of in times of deep personal crisis. I also want to work with NGOs and both private and government crematoriums to build a relatively hygienic and safe environment for the ground staff and visitors. My sole aim remains to enable the families left behind to make the right decisions and have support through Kaashimukthi to navigate through the complete process and protocols around death.


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