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Aundh Shamshan Bhumi Crematorium - Pune

Death, a natural event, challenges us all to manage our emotions. Dying is often an unexpected event requiring mourning family members to plan a cremation service quickly. As a result, many individuals often feel helpless and overwhelmed.
By offering funeral services and Kaashimukti cremation services in Pune, Kaashimukti takes care of every detail to prepare a dignified ceremony for the departed. The cremations occur in Aundh Shamshan Bhumi in Pune, located at Jakat Naka, opposite Siddarth Nagar, Aundh. They are all performed in a setting of the greatest tranquility, love, and dedication. The lovely aroma of incense and the mantras being recited by the pandit permeate the air.
Our goal is to help you mourn the death of a loved one in a peaceful setting and, eventually, to assist you in accepting it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of services does Aundh Shamshan Bhumi Crematory offer?

    The Aundh Shamshan Bhumi Crematory offers full support for all funeral service needs. We provide cremation, transportation, and paperwork clearance to meet demands for priests, antim sanskar samagri, and freezer boxes.

  • How can I get in touch with Aundh Shamshan Bhumi Crematorium?

    The phone number to call to reach Aundh Shamshan Bhumi Crematory is 9845819660. At Aundh Shamshan Bhumi Crematory, you may inquire about and reserve any service needed to conduct a cremation.

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