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Kharkhari Ghat Crematorium Services

Kharkhari Ghat Cremation Ground is a sacred site, located on Haridwar Road, where centuries-old customs and traditions and community support come together to offer a respectful and dignified farewell to deceased loved ones in a serene and tranquil environment. Families can find comfort, protect their cultural beliefs, and reverently & compassionately commemorate the demise of their loved ones.
The Cremation Site is situated at the centre of the city, in a sombre location where the deceased find their place of eternal rest. This cremation site has served as a holy location for decades, giving loved ones a respectful farewell in a setting of solitude and profound cultural importance.
Kharkhari Ghat Cremation Ground is located on Haridwar Rd in Kharkhari Ghat, Uttarakhand’s Motichur Range. This locale makes a serene and peaceful setting. The cremation site is conveniently accessible from many city sections and neighbouring areas. It is relatively simple to reach by both private vehicles and public transportation owing to its convenient location close to Haridwar Road, a busy street. The well-connected road system leading to the cremation site makes it easier for families and mourners to make their way without too much hassle at this difficult time. Kharkhari Ghat Cremation Ground strives to offer families comfort and convenience so they can solely focus on paying respect to their loved ones in serenity and tranquillity.
Discover further information regarding the Kharkhari Ghat Cremation Ground to gather a general understanding of its location, transportation choices, services available to you, facilities, and hours of operation. Kaashimukthi, a reputable provider of funeral services, not only helps you quickly reach out to all of the aforementioned information, but can also help you with all of the preparations, planning and rituals involved in the last rites and bidding goodbye to the deceased with sensitivity and respect. Kaashimukthi has an up-to-date, accurate understanding of all the prerequisites to reserve a confirmed booking.

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At Kaashimukthi, we firmly believe that our assistance extends far beyond mere professional obligations. Our mission is to imbue every service we provide with empathy, compassion and care while upholding the standards of professionalism as well. When you choose Kaashimukthi at Kharkhari Ghat Crematorion ground, you can expect the following services delivered with utmost dedication:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to complete the cremation services in Haridwar?

    The cremation process in Haridwar usually takes around 2-3 hours. However, confusion in preparation could further add to your waiting time. It is therefore best to consult Kaashimukthi for Cremation Services in Haridwar.

  • Is it necessary to embalm the body before cremation in Haridwar?

    No, embalming is not necessary before cremation in Haridwar. However, if the body is being transported from one place to another, it may be necessary to embalm it.

  • What are the charges for cremation services in Haridwar?

    The charges for cremation services in Haridwar may vary depending on the facility and services chosen. It is advisable to check with Kaashimukthi to discuss your requirements and know about your exact charges.

  • Can family members witness the cremation process in Delhi?

    Yes, family members can witness the cremation process in Delhi.

  • What happens to the ashes after the cremation process in Haridwar?

    The ashes are usually collected in an urn and given to the family members. They can choose to scatter the ashes or keep them in a designated place like a cemetery.

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