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What is the process of cremation service?

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In the moments of sorrow, when our hearts ache with loss, having a guiding hand can make all the difference. That’s where Kaashimukti steps in – not just a company providing cremation services, but a comforting presence that understands the pain of saying goodbye.

While losing a loved one is among the deepest pains in the world, a proper farewell is our last contribution to the departed soul. Our beautiful culture ensures peace to the deceased through rituals according to Vedic tradition containing many rituals.

Because the most responsible people are also the most affected ones in such hard times, arranging proper cremation becomes a tough task. Kaashimukti contributes its hands in comforting the family by eliminating the weight of arrangements from the family’s shoulder by ensuring proper cremation service. We make sure the departed soul finds peace through cremation followed by all the rituals under the provision of a Hindu priest.

A look into cremation services arranged to perfection

Kaashimukti takes all the burden of management into its hands through its cremation services. We ensure everything is in place, from transportation, required material, and a knowledgeable priest to making sure every ritual is followed.

Here are the highlights of what we do while ensuring the proper “Antim Sanskar” according to our Vedic culture.

  1. Immediately after getting hired, we make sure to book the most accessible cremation ground.
  2. Transportation facilities are arranged for both the deceased and their family.
  3. An experienced priest is made available immediately to assist during the cremation service.
  4. Everything required for the cremation is made available at the crematorium.
  5. White clothes are arranged for the family.
  6. A proper cremation is observed by providing a metal urn to collect the ashes of our loved ones after the cremation service.

Although our cremation service is done at this point we know that sorrow doesn’t pass too soon. After the cremation, “Asthi visarjan” is the last ritual as the family’s contribution to the salvation of their loved one. Families can extend our cremation service to get our professional assistance during this ritual. We ensure comfortable transportation and seamless observation of asthi visarjan.

What we provide during a cremation service

Booking of the crematorium or cremation ground

The most necessary requirement for an appropriate cremation is the place of cremation. We make sure an easily accessible crematorium is made available to us. Kaashimukti team books it in the first place to ensure a hassle-free cremation service.

We recommend choosing the cremation ground which is available easily but we offer the family to choose from options.

Transportation for cremation service

It becomes a fairly tough task to arrange appropriate and dignified transportation for the deceased. Kaashimukti provides spacious vehicles, especially for the dead body’s quick and safe transportation.

We make sure to maintain dignity and offer peace to the deceased soul through floral decoration on the vehicles. It is a tough task at such times, but we don’t want anything missing for an appropriate cremation service.

Providing Antim Sanskar material for cremation

In our Hindu inscriptions, including necessary material during every ritual is crucial to consider it complete. After helping so many families, we understand the value of these materials very well.

We provide the “Antim Sanskar kit” at the site of cremation for a hassle-free cremation service. Here is a list of items we provide –

  • Shroud (Kafan)
  • Twine (Sutli)
  • Earthen Pot (Matka)
  • Barley Flour (Jau Ka Aata)
  • Cloth piece (Gamcha)
  • Black Sesame Seeds (Kaale Til)
  • Barley (Sabut Jau)
  • Sacred White Thread (Janeu)
  • Incense Sticks
  • Ganga Jal
  • Honey
  • Flowers and garlands
  • Gau Mutra
  • Small log of Sandlewood
  • Desi Ghee
  • Slippers (Wooden footwear or Khadau)
  • Matchbox
  • Panchratan (Gemstones)

We value the faith of each family and provide anything they consider necessary for the ritual. You can customize the kit to change or include items based on your needs.

Providing assistance from a Hindu priest

Saying goodbye to a loved one is tough, and at Kaashimukti, we’re here to help with caring and guidance during cremation service. Our support is not just about the rituals but also about guiding the departed soul with respect. Before we arrange a Hindu priest for the ceremony, our team will talk with you to make sure everything is personal and meaningful.

The priest we choose is special. They know a lot about the respectful cremation of both men and women. With their experience, they handle the ceremony smoothly and with respect. They also know how to prepare before the cremation. The priest is like a caring guide, helping the main mourner offer peace and respect in the final moments. They are skilled in chanting, rituals like Havan and Puja, creating a calm and spiritual farewell for your loved one. At Kaashimukti, we’re dedicated to making this farewell meaningful and respectful for you and your family.

White cloths

White is the color of peace and we make sure to maintain the dignity of cremation service by providing white clothes. These are made available for the mourning family and people attending the cremation.

Appropriate urns for cremation service

While booking our cremation service, we gather details about the design and material preferences for the ‘Urn.’ These special pots serve as a lasting memory of the departed loved one. In the Asthi Visarjan ritual, the chosen earthen or metal urn is immersed in the sacred waters of the River Ganga.

It’s our way of supporting you through the entire journey, offering options that honor the departed soul with dignity and care.

And that’s how our cremation services play their part by becoming a light of comfort in times of darkness. We know we can’t ease the pain but we can comfort you by easing your burden to mourn.

Why choose our cremation service

We are appreciated by many families because of the professionalism and personal support we provide during our cremation service. We try to do everything to perfection through our professionalism but also try to assist the family considering the tough times they are in.

Here are key highlights –

  1. Professional workers are hired to assist most appropriately.
  2. Top-notch leaders are appointed to guide the team through their years of experience.
  3. Inclusion of personal comfort along with professional care – we understand your pain too.
  4. Change anything based on your family rituals or personal preference.

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