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The Importance of Freezer Boxes for Deceased Storage in Today’s Mortuaries

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Morgues assume a significant part in focusing on the departed with poise and regard. As innovation and practices have developed, so too have the capacity strategies utilized by funeral homes. One key improvement has been the reception of cooler boxes for putting away bodies anticipating incineration or internment. This article will investigate the ascent of freezer boxes and why they have become so significant for funeral homes today.

A Brief History

In the past, mortuaries typically used metal or wooden caskets to store deceased individuals before burial or cremation. In any case, there were a few downsides to this methodology. Coffins took up a lot of room, making capacity testing in more modest offices. They were likewise hard to productively stack.

In the late 20th century, mortuaries began experimenting with alternative storage containers. Cardboard boxes were among the first options tried, but they lacked durability and insulation. Around this time, new freezer-safe plastic materials were emerging in the food industry. Mortuary professionals recognized the potential for these durable, insulated materials to improve storage.

The Advantages of Freezer Boxes

The freezer box quickly came to replace caskets and cardboard containers as the preferred storage method. There are several key reasons why:

  • Space Efficiency – Freezer boxes are designed to nest together compactly on shelves or be securely stacked. This allows for much denser storage than traditional caskets in the same footprint.
  • Durability – High-quality freezer boxes are constructed of sturdy, insulated plastic designed to withstand both below-freezing temperatures and the weight of stacked containers. 
  • Hygiene – Freezer boxes are completely sealed and easy to sanitize between uses. This helps maintain a hygienic storage environment and reduces potential for odors or leaks.
  • Cost Effectiveness – While an initial investment, freezer boxes save money over the long run due to their reusability and efficient storage capacity compared to single-use caskets.
  • Respectful Presentation – Despite being functional containers, modern freezer boxes are also designed with tasteful engravings or images to maintain dignity. Loved ones do not view the deceased surrounded by unsightly cardboard or stacked caskets.

Meeting Regulations

As the benefits of freezer boxes became clear, many regions and professional organizations established new guidelines supporting their use. For example, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control now permits properly sealed and labeled freezer boxes for storage and transport of deceased individuals awaiting final disposition. Such guidelines assist with guaranteeing the nature of care while permitting funeral homes adaptability in tasks.

Influence on Everyday Activities

The change to cooler box stockpiling has given morgues various efficiencies working on everyday work processes. More individuals can be accommodated in the same cooler space. Identification tags and storage locations are easily visible from any angle. Rotating stock is simpler with the nesting containers.

During peak periods like flu season or disasters, a mortuary’s capacity is no longer determined just by square footage. With boxes stacked to the ceiling if needed, care for communities can continue uninterrupted. Freezer boxes have truly modernized how the death care industry functions behind the scenes.

Objections Addressed

Naturally, any change in traditional practices may raise concerns. However, most objections to freezer box storage address non-issues or have been resolved:

  • Dehumanization – With tasteful designs, names or images visible, and dignified handling, deceased individuals are no less respected in boxes than caskets.
  • Quality – Today’s freezer boxes are manufactured to exceedingly high standards, as rigorous as any casket. Proper maintenance prevents deterioration for years of reuse.
  • Preference – While some still prefer caskets, most funeral consumers now accept boxes as upholding tradition of respect when explained. Boxes are rarely even noticed amid funeral arrangements.

In the end, objections are outweighed by the benefits freezer boxes provide to both mortuary operations and ability to serve communities needing deathcare services. Their adoption has been a significant positive development for the industry.

How Long can a Body be Stored in a Freezer Box?

The period of time a body can be put away in a cooler box really relies upon a few variables, including the temperature of the stockpiling, the state of the body at the hour of freezing, the kind of cooler box, and neighborhood guidelines.

At a consistent temperature at or below 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 degrees Celsius), a body can generally be stored for extended periods without significant decomposition; this could range from weeks to months and potentially longer. The low temperature essentially halts the decomposition process by creating an environment that is not conducive to the growth of the bacteria that cause decomposition.

However, local laws and regulations often dictate how long a body can be stored, particularly if the body is to be viewed by family members or used for medical examination. Funeral home experts actually should know about these guidelines to guarantee they are in consistency with lawful and wellbeing principles.

 In any case, long-term storage of bodies is usually intended as a temporary solution until final arrangements, such as a burial or cremation, can be made. For more point by point data, it’s ideal to talk with proficient associations in the burial service industry, wellbeing division rules, or neighborhood regulations relating to the administration and capacity of expired people.


Memorial service homes expect a fundamental part in zeroing in on the left with empathy, respect and capability. The cooler box amassing technique has enabled workplaces to stay aware of the best assumptions for organization while streamlining assignments. 

They have tended to the necessities of both the deathcare experts and the families they serve. As innovations keep propelling the business, cooler boxes will stay a foundation of current, sympathetic morgue rehearses.

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