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Death is inevitable and an emotional experience for family members and loved ones left behind. When a death occurs abroad, making funeral arrangements and transporting the deceased person back home poses additional challenges. This article aims to provide helpful information for selecting a reliable funeral service provider in Saudi Arabia for repatriating the dead body to India in a respectful and compliant manner.

Elements to Consider While Picking a Funeral service

There are several important factors to evaluate when selecting an organization to handle dead body transportation from Saudi Arabia to India. Some key aspects to look into include:

  • Experience and reputation: Check how long the service has been in operation and look for genuine customer reviews online. An established funeral service with a strong track record is more likely to smoothly handle the process. 
  • Compliance with regulations: The service must be licensed by relevant authorities in Saudi Arabia and India. They should be well-versed with paperwork and documentation required as per regulations of both countries.
  • Embalming and casket options: Ask about embalming and casket choices available as some airlines or countries may have specific requirements in this regard. Opt for standard procedures to avoid last-minute hassles.
  • Estimated timelines: Inquire the typical duration required to complete the repatriation process step-by-step. Being aware of timelines helps manage expectations. 
  • Additional services: Consider value-added offerings like assistance with visa paperwork, obtaining death certificate copies, appointment fixing etc. for a seamless experience.

Dead body transportation from one country to another requires careful planning and compliance with regulations.  Thoroughly evaluating these key factors will help identify a trustworthy and professional funeral service capable of smoothly handling such an emotional time. Personal referrals from acquaintances can also provide useful input.

Documentation Requirements 

The funeral service provider will arrange for all documentation and handle the entire process of dead body transportation to ensure proper protocols are followed. Proper documentation is crucial for cross-border transport of human remains. The funeral service must take care of obtaining the following documents in verified originals:

  • Death certificate: An official document from the hospital or competent authority of the place of death. 
  • Embalming certificate (if applicable): Stating the embalming process followed as per standards. 
  • No objection certificate: From relevant authorities of Saudi Arabia allowing the body export. 
  • Airway bill: Issued by the airline being used for cargo shipment of the coffin.
  • Import permit: Required by Airport Public Health Office in India for clearance at port of entry.

They should be carefully packed along with the body to smoothly pass customs checks at destinations. Rely on the funeral provider’s expertise to painstakingly secure complete documentation. Proper packing of the coffin and associated documentation packaging is critical for smooth dead body transportation through customs clearances. 

Embalming and Shipping Arrangements

Once documentation is ready, arrangements are made for embalming the body (if required) and placing it in a leak-proof casket or container approved by airlines. Standard caskets made of wood or metal are generally permitted.

The funeral agency coordinates directly with the airline to book space on a cargo flight and handles delivery of the body at the airport. They will provide all paperwork for handling at both departure and destination airports. Direct transit is preferred on major airline routes without transit stops to avoid delays. However, you may have little control over flight routes. Ensure the service guarantees delivery as per agreed estimated timeline.  Embalming may be necessary depending on the destination country’s requirements to allow dead body transportation via air cargo.

Receiving the Body in India

Upon arrival in India, an agent received the body through customs after required paperwork and payments. They will assist with clearing documentation formalities with port health officials. 

The body is then released for local transportation as per destination address given. For last rites, the funeral service may suggest reputed facilities or arrange directly depending on requirements. 

Some may offer additional support like appointment scheduling with concerned government offices for obtaining the final death certificate and other formalities in India. Having reliable contact assists grieving family members.The family should entrust the experienced funeral agency to undertake the task of international dead body transportation in a dignified and respectful manner. 

Managing Expenses During Dead Body Transportation

Funeral repatriation necessarily involves transportation, documentation, and compliance costs. Request itemized estimates in advance from shortlisted providers. Standard charges may vary depending on the destination country and specific circumstances of each case. 

Most funeral services require an advance payment to initiate arrangements. However, confirm there are no hidden costs. Opt for a trusted service with a reputation to honestly manage expenses involved transparently. 

Having realistic cost expectations is important given the emotional time. Some offer financing options as well to ease cash flow, subject to your approval. But avoid agendas and insist on transparent dealing throughout.

What is the process of obtaining an import permit for the body in India?

Here are the steps to obtain an import permit for a dead body transportation from Saudi Arabia to India:

Obtaining an Import Permit in India

  • The funeral service provider in the originating country will contact the Airport Public Health Officer (APHO) at the Indian airport where the body will arrive. This is usually done 10-15 days prior to arrival.
  • The APHO will require details like name of deceased, date of death, flight details, place of burial/cremation in India etc. These can be submitted along with a death certificate and embalming certificate. 
  • The APHO office will issue a Health Trade License/Import Permit if all documents submitted are in order and as per their requirements. This may take 2-3 working days.
  • The original import permit needs to be couriered directly to the handling funeral service agency in the originating country to be included with other documentation. 
  • At the Indian airport, the handling funeral service representative receives the body along with all documentation including the import permit.
  • The APHO verifies and stamps the permit before clearing the customs and allowing local transportation of the body.

In gist, obtaining the import permit is initiated in advance through the APHO in India, who issue it based on health protocols to allow import clearance on arrival. The funeral agency coordinates this important regulatory requirement.

Choosing the Best Option

With the important factors covered above, evaluate options and trust your instincts to identify the funeral service most suited for the task during such difficult times away from home and family. Personal references if available add confidence in decision making. 

Request quotes in writing from 2-3 providers to compare offerings and estimated timelines. Clarify all details in advance to avoid confusion later. Opt for one with more experience and positive reviews handling similar cases efficiently.

With right documentation and transparent coordination by a professional team, you can bid final farewell to your loved one with respect and peace of mind even from distant shores, allowing grieving to slowly start. Choose wisely for reliable repatriation from Saudi Arabia to India.

Kaashimukthi comprehends the difficulties and complexities associated with the international repatriation of deceased loved ones. Our devoted group is focused on giving direction and backing during these troublesome times. 

We endeavor to mitigate the weight of lamenting families by guaranteeing a consistent and conscious bringing home interaction. Whether you require memorial service or help with dead body transportation from Saudi Arabia to India, kindly make it a point to us.

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