How Do You Navigate Through Your Loved One’s Cremation?

Last updated on June 20th, 2024

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Navigating Through a Loved One’s Cremation is a serious question and is never easy to deal with. Making plans and going through the cremation process can add more pressure and inconvenience during such a generally troublesome time. Be that as it may, approaching it slowly and carefully and knowing what’s in store can assist with making the cycle a little smoother. 

There are several reputable options for cremation services in Bangalore. One such provider is Banashankari Electric Crematorium, located in Southeast Bangalore. They provide affordable cremation facilities according to Hindu/Christian rites. 

When a loved one passes away, it is important to handle their last rites and ceremonies respectfully. Funeral services in Bangalore like Kaashimukthi also offer cremation arrangements and the collection/transport of the deceased.  Dealing with the loss of a family member is challenging enough, so relying on reputable funeral services provides comfort by easing practical burdens.

Know-How About Cremation Process

The real cremation process starts by putting the body of the departed into the incineration office of the crematorium. The chamber is then fixed shut. The temperature inside the chamber is then raised extremely high, between 1400 to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. At such extreme intensity, the body is quickly diminished down to its essential components. 

All soft tissues, organs, and flesh are vaporized. This leaves behind only dry bone fragments and any dental work/implants. The process usually takes around 2 hours to fully reduce the body.

Now let’s understand the steps to handle cremation!

Dealing With Emotions

The demise of somebody close will normally raise a ton of feelings like pity, pain, outrage, and shock. Try not to attempt to hurry through or try not to feel these feelings. Lamenting is a vital piece of the healing process. Permit yourself to feel what you want to feel. It’s likewise alright to enjoy reprieves from making game plans assuming you really want time to deal with things. Resting on friends and family for help can assist with facilitating the weight.

Choosing a Funeral Home for Cremation

cremation services in Bangalore

Most communities have multiple funeral homes to choose from. Get suggestions from individuals you trust or do some web-based research. It’s really smart to meet with the burial service chief to examine choices, and costs and make courses of action before the passing happens, if conceivable. Things like incineration, administrations, and urn choice can be pre-arranged.

Filling Out Necessary Forms

After a death, the memorial service home will require fundamental data like the departed’s complete name, date of birth, government-managed retirement number, and spot of death. The going doctor will likewise have to sign a passing testament posting the reason. 

As the closest relative or approved agent, hope to finish up structures connected with the attitude of remains, incineration approval, and charging data. The memorial service chief can walk you through the desk work bit by bit.

Scheduling the Cremation

Most cremations are scheduled 1-3 days after death to allow time for paperwork, viewing/services if desired, and transportation of the body to the crematorium. Weekends and holidays may impact timing. The funeral home will handle transporting the body safely and discreetly. Being flexible about when the cremation occurs can help accommodate their schedule if needed. Get a projected date and time from the funeral director for planning any services.

Witnessing the Cremation (Optional)

Some crematoriums allow loved ones to witness the cremation process if desired for closure. This is not suggested for everyone. Witnessing involves viewing the body placed in the cremation chamber through a window before the chamber door is closed and the process starts. Understanding this will involve seeing the body burn. Consider if you think this would provide comfort or upset you further in grief before deciding.

Receiving the Cremated Remains

When incinerated, the crushed bone sections that remain are handled and put in an urn or brief holder by the crematorium. In 1 month relying upon the office, the memorial service home will tell you that the remains are prepared for pickup. At this point, decide how you want to handle memorializing and scattering/interring the remains according to your loved one’s wishes if known.

Memorializing Options

There are many ways to honor the deceased with their ashes:

  • Scattering in a meaningful location like their favorite hiking spot or garden
  • Interment in a columbarium niche at a cemetery or community garden
  • Dividing the ashes between family members to keep
  • Memorial jewelry like necklaces integrating some ashes
  • Placing ashes in an urn for home display or future scattering

Finding comfort and closure can come from creating a living memorial like planting a tree in their honor or donating to a cause they cared about. Discuss options that feel right for your family.

Moving Forward with Grief

The cremation process settles the logistics but grieving continues. Expect ups and downs as you adjust to your loss. Be gentle with yourself and continue relying on loved ones for company and support. Consider joining a grief support group as well. In time, focusing on treasured memories will help the deceased feel closer though absent. Their legacy lives on through how they impacted your life.

Resources for Additional Help

Don’t hesitate to contact the funeral home director again if you have any other questions during the cremation process. Other reputable sources able to provide guidance include:

  • Hospice care professionals experienced in end-of-life issues
  • Grief counselors or therapists specializing in bereavement
  • Clergy leaders at places of worship
  • Online grief support communities for sharing with others who understand

With patience and compassion for yourself, you can honor your loved one properly through cremation arrangements. Leaning on a support system can also ease the burdens of grief. Take solace that though the pain of loss never fully goes away, it does gradually become more bearable over time.

Why Kaashimukthi for Your Cremation? 

Kaashimukthi offers various ways of assisting families going through unbearably tough times. We recognize that arranging cremation for a loved one can feel unmanageable. Please be reassured that we are here to alleviate your concerns. 

Renowned funeral homes support our respectful online process of cremation. We provide comfort and kindness. Our services also involve a comprehensive bereavement assistance program following the cremation. This aims to offer solace and help to families for weeks or months after their loss. 

We believe in developing personal connections with our clients and catering to their distinct circumstances in a caring manner. Our priority is meeting the individual needs of each family we serve with sensitivity, honesty, and support.


Arranging for a cremation can add further strain during the grieving process. However, with the guidance and support of professionals, families can honor their loved ones with dignity and grace. Kaashimukthi is committed to walking with families every step of the way. 

Our priority is making certain all details are handled with the utmost empathy, transparency, and care. Please contact us if you need any assistance in giving your loved one a respectful memorial that brings you peace.

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