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Transportation dead bodies is a delicate errand that requires care, regard and adherence to lawful systems. In Mumbai, there are explicit standards and guidelines that oversee how dead bodies are taken care of and moved inside the city. 

Dead Body Transportation in Mumbai requires following all applicable laws and regulations to ensure dignity and safety. This guide gives a far reaching outline of the cycle engaged with dead body transportation in Mumbai, from the documentation expected to the different transportation choices accessible. 

What is Legal Documentation Required?

The most important phase for dead body transportation in Mumbai is to get the essential legitimate documentation. This incorporates a demise declaration endorsed by an enlisted clinical professional who took care of the departed. For deaths that happen in hospitals, the medical clinic organization will give the demise testament.

In the event of passing at home, they go to specialist requirements to analyze the body and issue the testament. In the event that the reason for death isn’t self-evident, the body might be sent postmortem to learn the specific reason. 

Solely after acquiring the passing endorsement might the body at any point be delivered for last rituals or transportation. Proper documentation is crucial for the legal Dead Body Transportation in Mumbai from the location of death.

Transportation Options

With the expected documentation set up, there are a couple of transportation choices accessible in Mumbai to move the dead body to its last resting place:

  • Ambulance: Most clinics have ambulances that anyone could hope to find for moving dead bodies. They are equipped to handle bodies respectfully and safely. Ambulances charge a nominal fee for their service. These are a commonly used option for Dead Body Transportation in Mumbai from hospitals to the final resting place.
  • Hearse Van: Numerous burial service homes and crematoriums have committed funeral wagon vans intended for agreeable transportation of final resting places and bodies. 

They ensure dignified travel and are a more affordable option than ambulances. Vans provide an affordable option for Dead Body Transportation in Mumbai while also maintaining respect and comfort.

  • Confidential Vehicle: now and again, families might decide to ship the actual body in confidential vehicles like vehicles or SUVs. Be that as it may, it means quite a bit to wrap and put the body securely on a cot or in a final resting place for regard and comfort during movement.

What is The Transportation Procedure?

Here are the standard procedures to follow when transporting a dead body via any of the above options:

  • Contact the service provider (ambulance, hearse van) and book the vehicle in advance, specifying pick up and drop location details. 
  • Prepare the body by washing/bathing it, removing any tubes/drains and sealing all orifices. Wrap it in a white cloth and place it in a stretcher or coffin. 
  • Load the body safely inside the vehicle, in an upright position if using a stretcher or lying flat in a coffin. 
  • Carry the original death certificate and a photo identity proof of a family member along for verification during transit if required. 
  •  Inform the receiving facility (crematorium/burial ground) about expected time of arrival in advance.
  • Pay the transportation charges to the service provider after completing the journey.

Families must plan adequately considering the time taken for formalities during Dead Body Transportation in Mumbai to another city. The rules of Kaashimukthi process the Dead Body Transportation in Mumbai.

Transportation During COVID-19

During the continuous Coronavirus pandemic, there are an extra wellbeing conventions that should be followed for moving thought or affirmed Coronavirus positive bodies:

  • Illuminate the vehicle staff ahead of time about the chance of the departed being Coronavirus positive.
  • Enclose the body by 3 layers of watertight plastic sheets or packs prior to setting it in a casket/cot.
  • All staff included should wear full Private Defensive Gear (PPE) units of outfit, N95 veils, face safeguard, gloves and boot covers.
  • Thoroughly sanitize the vehicle after transporting such bodies before carrying another. 
  • Follow all guidelines issued by local authorities regarding handling of COVID-19 deceased.

During the pandemic, additional safety protocols must be adhered to for Dead Body Transportation in Mumbai in suspected Covid-19 cases.  

Factors To Consider While Choosing a Service

When selecting a service for dead body transportation in Mumbai, factors to consider include reliability, safety standards, cost, availability and proximity to pick up and drop location. It is advisable to check online reviews and recommendations from other users to choose a trusted provider. 

Hospitals and established crematorium/funeral homes offer reliable options. For affordable transportation, hearse vans are a good choice in most cases. Choosing a reliable service is important for ensuring dignified Dead Body Transportation in Mumbai.

How long does it take to transport a dead body from Mumbai to another country & vice-versa?

For transportation of bodies over long distances within India, outside of Mumbai, hearse vans or specialized repatriation vehicles are generally used. Proper documentation and safety protocols as per the local requirements need to be followed for such inter-city transportation.

International Transportation

In some situations, there may be a need to transport a dead body from Mumbai to another country or vice versa. The process involves additional documentation and clearance procedures. 

From Mumbai to another country:

  • Obtain an embalming certificate and ‘No objection certificate’ from local authorities confirming the body can be exported. 
  • Prepare necessary import permits from the destination country clearly stating the entry port and other details. 
  • Dead bodies have to be embalmed and sealed properly in a hermetically sealed zinc-lined coffin as per international standards. 
  • Use services of an international repatriation agency to handle customs clearance and cargo transportation formalities. 
  • The entire process from documentation to shipment typically takes 5-7 working days. Bodies are transported via air cargo in the hold of commercial passenger flights.

 International regulations have to be followed strictly if requiring Dead Body Transportation in Mumbai overseas.

From another country to Mumbai:

  • Procure the necessary no objection and import permits from Indian authorities before shipment. 
  • International agencies handle customs clearance at arrival and coordinate with local transportation services in Mumbai. 
  • Transport time depends on flight duration but delivery within Mumbai is achieved within 1-2 working days on arrival.
  • Higher costs are involved due to international cargo transportation, clearance and special embalming requirements. 

In gist, transportation of human remains across international borders takes around 5-7 working days minimum due to regulatory requirements but ensures respectful transfer through accredited channels. Planning well in advance is advisable for smooth international repatriation or receipt of mortal remains to/from Mumbai. 


Transporting dead bodies requires utmost care, dignity and adherence to legal procedures. By following the guidelines outlined here, families can ensure respectful transportation of their loved one within Mumbai via the suitable option. Proper documentation and safety protocols are important to keep in mind. 

With the right service provider, the process can be made simpler during this difficult time of grief. The guidelines provided in this article aim to help families understand the process of Dead Body Transportation in Mumbai better during their time of grief.  

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